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Mediumship101 - All Levels Welcome

Mediumship101 - All Levels Welcome

Objective: To provide students with a foundational understanding of Mediumship and Develop their abilities to effectively connect with spirits and provide messages from the other side.


Class Outline:


Introduction to Mediumship

- Overview of mediumship and its history
- Understanding the role of a medium
- Exploring different types of mediumship
- Setting intentions and creating a safe and supportive space


Developing Psychic Abilities


- Understanding psychic senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.)
- Techniques for improving psychic abilities
- Meditation and visualization exercises for psychic development
- Strengthening the connection to spirit guides


Connecting with Spirit Guides

- Understanding spirit guides and their role in mediumship
- Techniques for establishing a connection with spirit guides
- Communicating with spirit guides for guidance and support
- Learning to trust and interpret messages from spirit guides


Evidential Mediumship

- Introduction to evidential mediumship
- Techniques for validating and delivering accurate messages
- Developing skills for receiving specific details from spirits
- Practicing evidential mediumship readings with classmates


Practice/Platform Mediumship

- Exploring platform mediumship and public demonstrations
- Techniques for addressing larger audiences and managing energy
- Developing a captivating presence and effective stage presence
- Practicing platform mediumship demonstrations with classmates


Spirit Communication Techniques

- Techniques for establishing a clear and direct connection with spirits
- Developing a vocabulary of symbols and signs from the spirit world
- Understanding spirit communication through dreams, automatic writing, etc.
- Group exercises to strengthen spirit communication skills


Ethical Considerations and Boundaries

- Exploring ethical responsibilities in mediumship practice
- Setting boundaries with spirits and clients
- Understanding the importance of consent and confidentiality
- Addressing ethical dilemmas and handling challenging situations


Integration and Practical Application

- Reviewing and refining mediumship skills
- Practicing mediumship readings with volunteer clients
- Receiving feedback and guidance from the instructor and classmates
- Developing a personal action plan for further growth in mediumship


Note: This class outline is a general guideline and may be customized based on the instructor's expertise and the specific needs of the students.

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