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Recorded Reading - 20 Mins

Recorded Reading - 20 Mins

✨**Experience a 20-minute intuitive reading session where I utilize different intuitive tools to answer 5 of your questions or choose from specific themes (listed below).


✨**Listen to your personalized insight will be sent to you via downloadable video or audio.


✨**Please note, I respond to requests from Monday to Friday, with a processing time of 5 days, excluding weekends and certain US holidays (they are generally finished much quicker).


✨**This offers a convenient opportunity to seek clarity and guidance right from the comfort of your home.


✨**Can’t think of what to ask? That’s ok, choose from one of the preselected themes with preset questions below:


✨**Reaching my goal 1. My goal 2. What qualities can I use to achieve my goal? 3. What am I doing to prevent myself from reaching my goal 4. How do I reach my goal?


✨**The soulmate 1. What is my soulmate look like? 2. How can we meet? 3. What do we have in common? 4. What obstacles still have to be over come? 5. What kind of task still has to be completed? 6. What does the Oracle say about the future together?


✨**A new partner 1. What keeps me attached to my old partner? 2. What attracts me to my new partner? 3. What should I do? 4. How should I do it? 5. What will I gain?


✨**Partnership - separation 1. How do I currently see the situation of the partnership? 2. What should I wish for? 3. What calls for a separation? 4. What indicates that we should stay together? 5.What should I do 6. What does the oracle recommend?


✨**Problem solving 1. My problem/the theme 2. Because of my problem in the realm of the soul? 3. My spiritual tasks? 4. My material tasks? 5.What will happen if I confront my task?


✨**General oracle 1. My situation/my problem 2. This is how it arose? 3. This is how I feel today? 4. That’s what happen in the future? 5. This is what the Oracle warns about 6. This is what the Oracle recommends

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